Super Magic Colour: The Spray that Revives Your Leather Goods

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 It's becoming increasingly common to find leather items in our homes and vehicles: from those vintage sneakers we don't want to part with to the seats in our car. But what do you do when they start to lose their original color and show signs of wear and tear?

Don't despair! With Super Magic Colour, that problem has a solution.


What is Super Magic Colour?

Super Magic Colour is a revolutionary spray dye, created to repair and renew the color of your favorite leather items. Its unique formula ensures not only that the color remains fresh and vibrant but also that the product retains its original characteristics. The best part? Its application is quick and easy!


Advantages of Super Magic Colour


  1. Quick Drying: You no longer have to wait forever for your leather item to dry. With Super Magic Colour, you can start using your favorite sneakers or handbags again in minutes.


  1. Durability: Thanks to its special formula, this dye guarantees long-lasting color, so you can forget about touch-ups all the time!


  1. Resistance to Scratches and Scuffs: One of the most common concerns with dyes is how they withstand daily wear and tear. Super Magic Colour has been designed to withstand rubbing and scratching without chipping or fading.


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How Does It Work? Watch this Video


Application Tips


- Clean the Surface: Before applying the dye, make sure the leather item is clean and dry.

- Shake Well: Before use, shake the Super Magic Colour container for a few seconds.

- Application Distance: Keep the spray about 20 cm from the surface to ensure even application.

- Drying: Although the product dries quickly, we recommend waiting at least 15 minutes before using the item.




Do you have leather items that deserve a second life? **Super Magic Colour** is your solution. Click the button below and give them a refreshed look.